Legal Insurance and Benefits Clients:

Thank you for your inquiry about using our firm to assist you in your legal matters. We are happy to assist you and want to provide you with the best legal care in the industry. It is important that we verify your coverage with your legal insurance carrier before we can begin. In most cases, you have signed up for benefits and have received our firm's contact information from the benefits provider, but we are required to submit your case number and personal identification information to the carrier so that we can get a "green light" to serve you under the benefits plan.  To begin  the process of using your benefits to retain our services, please send an email to stating the basis for your inquiry and include any questions you may have, along with your Case Number(s) obtained from the legal insurance provider, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and a Member ID Number, if you were given one by your employer. If you are having work done for yourself and a spouse, and possibly for children, in most cases all family members domestic partners are fully covered when living under the same roof as the plan member. However, you should contact your benefits provider to confirm the extent of your benefits package.

If we have already verified your coverage, provided you a password and you are ready to proceed with retaining our services, please go to the "Forms" page to view, complete, and return any forms that we will need to accept representation for your case.

Legal Fees and Costs:

Please note: For Hyatt plan members, your attorney fee is covered under your Hyatt plan.  This is a value of $895. Your costs, at closing, include what our office pays out of office during the process of your closing. This may include title search, wiring funds through our bank, Fedex costs, etc. Clients may look at their closing estimate provided by their lender at the time they apply for a loan to view all estimated charges that may be incurred on a loan closing transaction. They may remove the attorney fee from the closing estimate provided by the lender, and that will provide them with a ballpark figure of their charges at closing. 

Real Estate, Construction and Development:

Buyer Information Sheet

Seller Information Sheet

Closing Checklist and Instructions

Please remember to email your Real Estate Contract along with these other forms as soon as possible to Once we receive the completed forms, we will respond with wiring instructions if needed.

Wills, Living Wills, Health Care and Durable Powers of Attorney:

Representation Agreement

Will Summary and Questionnaire

Traffic and Criminal:

Representation Agreement

Waiver of Appearance